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Nathan Marriott and Lee Ashberry at the Trackrod Rally Yorkshire

About Us

The Eastwood and District Motor Club was formed in 1948 by a group of motoring enthusiasts who worked or lived on or around the A610.

Over the years the Club became more closely allied to the Nottingham area, meeting in various localities; nowadays we meet on the first Wednesday of the month at the Royal Oak, Watnall.

Meet our Committee

Club Affiliations

The Club is affiliated to Motorsport UK, which is the governing body of motor sport in the UK, and is also a member of the EMAMC, ANEMMC, ANCC, AEMC, AWMMC Regional Associations - as well as ACTC.

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Motorsport Events

Well known and recognised Motor Club with a grand history of organising two multi-use special stage rallies (the Phoenix Stages, and the Harold Palin Memorial Rally) and road rallies (Cossack Road Rally) - as well as organising Autotests, Production Car Trials and Autosolos during the summer months.

Times change with everything including our Club, and we are taking the opportunity to revisit what we run in the future - making sure that we try to encourage new people into many forms of Motorsport such as our Autotests, PCTs and possibly bring back Road events again.  We all need to look to the future and try to make opportunities work (and affordable) for all.

These events are ideal for those looking to take part in competitive motorsport, but who may be looking for something with less expense, without the need for specialised vehicles, or perhaps something which is available to those too young to have a driving licence. Several Members are also enthusiastic competitors in Classic trials in different parts of the country.


Our Club Chief Marshal

co-ordinates requests for marshals from local, regional, and National and International events giving Members the opportunity to be part of many different events, and to encourage and assist newcomers to become fully trained.

Eastwood & District Motor Club
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