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March 2022 - updated!
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A couple of things to update you all on - the APRIL NATTER Meeting of Tuesday 5th April, will not be at the Pub, but at the "Great British Car Journey" Car Museum near Ambergate.  Mark Wagstaff is organising this and needs names / numbers upfront please. Note that we are just about full now so thank you!

The Club Championship Tables (Competing and Marshalling) have been updated and loaded onto this site - please have a look and remember to continue to claim your own points asap after doing something.
In April we are looking to run another Group Visit - to the Ruddington Transport Museum - contact/see Charlie Knifton for more details
Watch the Facebook Site, this website and Club Calendar for the latest updates!

Finally ....
Check out the Exhaust Magazine Archive latest updates (below) where you can read Club Magazines from
March 1969, 1978 & 1985. 
Some real "Blasts from the Past"! 


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