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Scatters & 12 Cars 

On this page you will find details of forthcoming events, event regulations and entry forms.

Starlight 12 Car Rally 28th January 2003 009.jpg

Eastwood & DMC has a very long tradition of being active in "Road 

Rallying" events - from competing, marshalling or organising, it is one of the true Motorsport type events that anyone can do in any car.


Sadly it's been a few years with none of these events being run - so we are delighted to tell you that in 2023, we are looking to bring back some Scatter events.


These a very simple events that require only a normal car, a driver and a navigator with the right OS map, roamer and pencils.  Each entry is given a series of map refences to plot where they will find clues/answers. The ones more difficult to find or further away from the Start/Finish, gain you more points. 

You have a set time allowed to complete the exercise (you cannot/must not answer more than 75% of all clues given) and make sure you are back at the Finish within your Due Time.


For those of you who have never been along to one of these events before, then please come along to a Natter Meeting and ask and please do watch out for what we have in plan for 2023

MARCH HARE SCATTER regret to say has been cancelled - but watch out for another scatter to run later this year! 

Click on the buttons below to download the Event Regs and Entry Form

Event Regulations
Entry Form
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